Serpent in the Bottle (2019)

  • Drama, Action
  • 1h 30m

Trent is an obsessive and controlling man who doesn ́t accept his homosexuality and is planning to get married to his girlfriend Jackie. One day the homeowner asks Trent to host his father in law in his apartment and Trent is forced to start a coexistence with a strange guy that invades, not only his space, but his life having a close relationship with Jackie and bothering him all the time. Marvin, his tenant starts a stormy game in Trent’s life, where Trend finds himself lost and confused. Trent gradually begins to suffocate in this game until he takes him to face himself and assume his homosexuality. Trent ends up murdering Marvin and thus appropriating his life and freeing himself from his obsession.


Emmett McKinley


Rich Henrich